Pro-Tech Systems Inc.




  Pro-Tech Systems Inc.


Ballistic Safe Rooms: Custom doors and room panels to NIJ threat level four (AK 47). Integral, independant, battery backup land line with cell backup and 24 hour HOT LINE dialers to dedicated armed patrol or area police.

Access Control: State of the art keyless access for client convenience and audit trail of entries. Access can be granted at specific hours and days for staff and continously for family!


When Security Matters: Our one of a kind, custom solutions are tailored to your needs with the utmost care! Quality design, products and installation techniques are our goal.

Satisfied customers and functional systems are our mission! 

Security Rooms: We design security rooms for custom applications. From camera / audio surveillance to pulsed infrared map annuciation or voice announcment via Apex Destiny. Security lighting can be keyed to all systems!